TWITTER NFT + CRYPTO | CURE TIME 1-3 Months+ | 1-10 followers and subscriptions | AVATAR+BIO+BANNER+ POST+USERNAME | EMAIL + COOKIE (Twitter)

$ 0.53


⚡ Warmed-up Twitter accounts registered automatically.

✅ They have an original and unique look.

✅ Verified by mail The mail is included, but it may not work.

✅ Sookies (Json) included.

✅ Added avatar + banner + bio + location + unique username / name.

✅ Subscriptions and subscribers (0-50). Posts (0-5)

✨ They have a natural look and are fully filled with the NFT theme.

Due to preliminary actions, as well as due treatment, the accounts will serve you for a very long time.


When you first log in, the accounts may ask you to enter additional data that is attached to the account (for example, entering an email address).

When you first log in, the accounts may ask you to solve the recaptcha.

This is normal practice when working with this service. Such accounts are not refundable.

Issuance format: Login:password:Mail:email_password:Cookie