Facebook accounts, Poland. Farmed for 2-4 months, 10-100 real friends, registered on a phone number with email binding, FP, cookies, token, email password included. Documents filled, avatar, correspondence, posts!

$ 2.30



Facebook accounts are registered automatically on a mobile device emulator.

Farming of accounts from 60 days, daily login to the account during farming, social activity on most (videos, likes, comments, correspondence, etc.), visited sites cookies.

On accounts there was active correspondence and mailing.

Post with access (firstmail.ltd) is included. Check passed. FP created. Registration and all actions on accounts were made from Poland IP.

 Female. Account names in Latin and Cyrillic.

Avatar added to the profile, 10+ photos. 

Format of accounts given out: Login, password, post, post password, date of birth, ID, Cookies in JSON format, Token (EAAB), Useragent.

Sometimes there are accounts tied to a kopeika post, to log in by post you need to use  a bot in Telegram https://t.me/Optimusmailbot

99% (firstmail.ltd)