$ 7.25


  This database is the best tool for traffic with UBT! (conditionally free traffic)

40,000+ lines with VALID chats, collected by an experienced arbitrator for over a month. The database is divided into categories, each line has two names - a link to the chat and its name, the category can be understood from the name. The database is published for the first time, no arbitrator or spammer has worked with it yet.

The database contains the following geos:
  1. RU (about 80%)
  2. UA (about 5%)
  3. BR (about 5%)
  4. Other CIS countries (about 5%)
  5. International (about 5%)

The database contains the following categories:
  1. Business chats
  2. Freelance/work
  3. Blogger chats, author chats, various thematic chats
  4. Political chats
  5. Bookmaker's
  6. Chats for gamers, gaming chats
  7. Developer chats, IT chats
  8. Marketplaces, classified ads
  9. Local, residential, city chats
  10. Medicine, psychology, yoga, sports
  11. Adult-themed
  12. Dating chats
  13. Chats for poker players, casinos, etc.
  14. Supplier chats, wholesale traders
  15. Chat for online stores
  16. Shadow chats
  17. Employee chats (delivery, banks, etc.)
  18. Financial/banking chats
  19. Crypto chats
  And many other categories...

The database does not contain chats with less than 1000 participants (they are very rare, mostly in gaming chats, but it's normal for them)
The percentage of valid chats is 97%

The database can be purchased once and for all, it will be useful for any project and any direction, and over time, it only grows (referring to the number of participants and activity), consider it a lifelong purchase)