Published on 18.02.2023


Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms used by businesses to connect with their customers and reach new audiences. It offers a lot of opportunities to the marketers for promoting their products through various services. Especially after getting acquired by Elon Musk who has recently introduced us to Twitter Blue, a professional platform specifically made for those who want to stay on top of the Twitter marketing game. 

If you follow a proper Twitter marketing strategy, you can generate enormous leads and gain brand recognition. Such marketing strategies and techniques involve using the correct hashtags, competitor benchmarking, and delivering trendy content. Twitter Analytics has become a powerful tool to swiftly gain insights into your marketing campaign performance. And all of this is offered to you for free (unless you pay for Twitter Blue but the amount is less than 10$). So how do you utilize Twitter Analytics to get the best results and enhance your overall presence?

What is Twitter Analytics?

Twitter Analytics is a free tool provided by Twitter that allows you to track and analyze your Twitter activity. It provides you with valuable insights into a variety of metrics. The metrics include follower growth, tweet engagement, and audience demographics. Businesses usually have to pay a sum to get access to such metrics. For this reason, Twitter has become a favorite for both B2B and B2C business owners. If you're an avid Twitter users, you have probably seen all the big brands, celebrities and influencers on the platform. 

Here's a thing though. There are users not known to the public who get thousands of retweets and likes on all their tweets. Some even gained a cult following and have become a "local" Twitter celebrity. To the point where brands reach out to them for a promotion. How did they achieve the fame? Twitter users would agree that such a thing is not easy on the platform. It is because, among tweeting funny, witty, intelligent or original content (which you might be doing the same too so where is YOUR fame), they are successfully using Twitter Analytics. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Twitter Analytics for Business?

Twitter Analytics has become a hot topic only recently. That is, among ordinary users, because the brands and celebs have always been aware of it's existance and importance. After Elon bought the platform, one of the first changes he has made was to display the views (later bookmarks) each tweet gets. This way, it's obvious just how wide the outreach is, even if you don't actually get the engagement in the form of a retweet, like or a reply.

You can measure your brand's Twitter performance

Twitter Analytics allows you to track your brand's performance and determine what's working and what's not. To measure performance, this tool analyzes a number of metrics on the Twitter platform. These metrics include follower growth, engagement rates, click-through rates, etc. A great option Analytics offers, is seeing how many people have viewed your profile from randomly seeing one of your viral tweets on their timeline or For You page. You can identify which tweets and strategies are resonating with your audience and adjust your marketing accordingly.

You can identify audience demographics

Twitter Analytics provides you with valuable insights into your audience demographics, including gender, age, and location. You can use this information to tailor content and marketing strategies to better appeal to the target audience. This needs a bit more digging and asking information to Twitter directly. But if you are using Twitter for promoting your brand, don't skip out on this step.

You can track your competitors

Twitter Analytics allows you to track your competitors' performance and adjust benchmark marketing strategies accordingly. In this competitive era of business, tracking your competitors' activities is essential. It helps you gain a competitive advantage, spy on their metrics and content that fails or succeeds to adjust your similar content as needed. By analyzing your competitors' tweets, engagement rates, and audience demographics, you can identify areas of opportunity and optimize your marketing efforts.

Again, businesses have to pay to see such insights. Using Twitter, you can do this for free! Just by scrolling through their profile, clicking on their tweets separately and then clicking on engagements they get. It's a detailed breakdown that a professional marketer can understand in no time.

You can measure the success of your Ad campaigns


One of the greatest benefits of using Twitter analytics is that you can analyze the success rate of your Twitter ads. Twitter Analytics allows you to track the performance of your Twitter ads by analyzing the ad metrics, such as impressions, clicks, and conversions. You can first determine the effectiveness of the ad campaigns, then optimize your targeting and messaging according to the report given by Analytics. 

You can get perfect suggestions for your business growth

The most important benefit you can get from using Twitter Analytics is that it provides you with helpful suggestions to grow your business. After analyzing all the metrics and competitors, Twitter analytics help you build strategies and tactics for your marketing campaign. It solves your problem by combining data insights and marketing mix strategies.

How to Use Twitter Analytics for Business

Now that you somewhat understand the benefits of using Twitter Analytics, you should be excited to use it to extract as much value as it can give you. Because not many people were aware of just how important the tool is until recently, only a few know how to successfully optimize the service. There are some basics you can follow for starters.

Step 1: Go to the Twitter Analytics website 

Log in to your Twitter account and visit You can only use Twitter Analytics with a browser. You cannot fully use Twitter analytics with the Twitter App. It's possible to see the metrics you want on the app, but if you want to have access to a more detailed information, definitely use Twitter for web.

Step 2: Review your home dashboard

This step consists of several sub-steps:

  • Once you enter the analytics website, it will show you a dashboard. On the dashboard page, you'll see several different options such as Explore, Notifications, Massages, Bookmarks, Lists, Profile and More. You have to select the 'more' menu.
  • From there you will encounter another list of options such as newsletter, Twitter ads, Analytics etc. Click the 'Analytics' option. After clicking the 'Analytics', you will enter your analytics dashboard page. The analytics dashboard page will show you an overview of your account's performance. The dashboard page will show you a summary of your ad campaign's tweets, impressions, and engagement, profile visits, mentions and followers separately.

Step 3: Analyze your tweets

From the analytics dashboard page, you have to click on the "Tweet Activity" tab to see a breakdown of your tweets' performance. This is a monthly report. You can also sort your tweets by top tweets, promoted tweets, and more for a month. To get a more advanced analysis of the specific tweets, you have to open the 'view all Tweet activity' tab. You will find this option under the "Top Tweets" category. Here, you can see a clear and concise graph chart. From the graph, you can see the progress of your tweets' performance. Use particularly successful ones for the future by modeling, wording, attaching visuals and timing them in the similar fashion as the viral tweet.

Step 4: Track your audience


After analyzing your tweets' performance, go back to the dashboard page. Then, click on the "Audiences" tab to see information about your followers, including their demographics and interests. You can also see your top followers on this page. Adjust the way you word things, the type of visuals you use, the way you schedule your tweets according to demographics to increase visibility and outreach.

Step 5: Monitor your campaigns

The next big step is to analyze your ad campaign. Go to the dashboard page and enter the "Tweet Activity" tab. On this page, you see the performance report of your ads. This is the monitoring part of the strategy, just to see how well what you've been doing for the past month has worked. It will serve you as a guide to adjusting the strategy accordingly. Keep doing whatever has been beneficial and try to fix where you have failed.

Step 6: Analyze you video performance 

The last metric to analyze for completely measuring your Twitter performance, is the video metrics. You will see the "Video Activity" page on the Analytics dashboard page. Enter the page and see the progress report for your videos. You can also see the top performing and the worst performing ones to further help you determine the direction you have to take. There is a limit to the time of the videos you can post on Twitter, but with Twitter Blue, you can even post an hour long content. Although this is probably not a good idea if you want to use the video to advertise your product or a service. 

Step 7: Use insights to your benefit

You have to use the information gathered from Twitter analytics to adjust your Twitter strategy. When going through all the performance reports on the Twitter dashboard page, you have to either download them and include them on your report or note down the suggestions it gives you. Then plan your campaign strategies according to that insight. Give it to your marketing team if you are working with one (they will be the ones in charge of doing all of these if that's the case).


No one would be able to grow their business through Twitter without optimizing Analytics to its full potential. Twitter analytics can help you better understand your audience and improve your content strategy on the platform. It can also give you access to the performance of your direct competitors. All of this can be done completely free of chare or in exchange of not even one fourth of what business have to pay in order to get such information. Start promoting your business on Twitter and you will see improvements in leads very soon.